Seal of Online Confidence

The Seal of Online Confidence distinguishes Goldcar as a company committed to promoting good practices as an Internet company. Adhering to a strict Code of Ethics and compliance to ensure transparency and responsible practices on the net..

Certificate AENOR

AENOR certificate for best practices in e-commerce: A stamp that assures customers that their transactions on the Goldcar Group website are secure and are made through an official channel of regulated sales and arbitration system..

Camara (Chamber of Commerce) Award 2009

2009 Camara Company Award for Services granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante..

Career Award 2013 ADE-ECO

Career Award 2013 ADE-ECO University of Alicante..

Business Partner with local sports Award

Business Partner Award for work with local sport in the City of Sant Joan d'Alacant in editions XX, XXI, XXII and XXIII..


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