Goldcar renews its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact

Goldcar, market leader in the holiday car hire market, has renewed its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, presenting to the organisation its Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2015, in which progress is reported in the implementation of the Ten Basic Principles on Human, Work, Environmental and Anti-Corruption Rights.

The renewal of this commitment to the United Nations Global Compact is part of Goldcar's Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The Report, prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), includes all the actions developed by Goldcar in order to continue as part of the Pact. These are framed in seven key areas: commitment to corporate social responsibility, improvement of customer experience and satisfaction, collaboration with the community, sustainable growth, commitment to employees, protection of the environment and relationships with suppliers.

According to Tonica Safont, Goldcar's Director of Human Resources and Customer Care, "our commitment to our customers, suppliers, workers and society as a whole is solid and constant, and we are very proud to comply with the principles of Global Compact. We are very pleased to be able to present our report on Corporate Social Responsibility, which reflects the work of Goldcar in the adoption of responsible policies for the environment, sustainable development, as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Goldcar has carried out a diagnosis of the company according to the ten principles of the Global Compact in order to identify areas for improvement. The results obtained have served to define the sustainability objectives for the future, which include minimising their carbon footprint through the development of eco-responsible actions. Among the most notable measures in this area include the incorporation of electric vehicles, hybrids and LPG to their fleet, through Goldcar Blue. This initiative has contributed to the reduction of more than 2% CO2 emissions per kilometer traveled for the Goldcar rental fleet.

The company has also reduced electricity consumption in its branch network by replacing its traditional LED lighting systems, developing awareness measures for workers and controlling consumption at each facility. As for the reduction of the water footprint, Goldcar has water recovery systems in its cleaning areas, which allow it to reduce he consumption per wash by around 20%. In total, 3,626 m3 of water usage has been reduced, representing approximately 8% of the total consumption of Goldcar.

"From now on, we will continue working and improving the implementation of the 10 principles of the Global Compact in accordance with our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We are convinced that the responsible exercise of our activity and the collaboration with all our shareeholders will enable us to face this task successfully and reduce the impact of our activity on”.



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