Brits consider Adele the ideal copilot according to a Goldcar study

Listening to music while driving is a treat that everyone loves. Having the singer sitting next to you is even more thrilling. In a recent study* on the musical preferences of British drivers, Goldcar, the leading company in holiday car hire, asked the Britswhich of several international music stars would be their ideal copilot. No surprise: Adele, awarded best British female solo artist, best album and Global Success in 2016, is favored by respondents and harvest 38.8.7% of the vote. Then come two American artists: Bruce Springsteen (26.0%) and Beyoncé (13.9%).

It also results that the UK is a nation of music lovers, even on holiday. 58.8% of the Brits listen to music while driving, whether on the radio (65.3%), by creating a playlist (24.7%) or with a CD (10 %). Unexpectedly however despite their passion for music the large majority (44.3%) never sing while driving. On the road, the Brits listen to mostly pop (63.5.6%) and rock (29.2%). Indie won 17.1% of them when rap reaped 1.5% of the vote.

No wonder then that to the question "what would be the ideal song for a road trip for you?" The Brits are 46.3% to respond with the timeless US pop standard of the Mamas and Papas: California Dreaming. In second place, there is a hit of the trendy pop singer Bruno Mars Uptown Funk (23.9%). British Ellie Goulding is in third position with her hit Love me like you do (18.9%).

Whatever kind of music they choose in their cars, mostly the Brits listen to it moderately (58.8%) but they don’t mind turning the sound loud (25.6%).

* Survey conducted by Goldcar with 1,112 of its UK users in July-August 2016



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