Goldcar and Logitravel support electric mobility and sustainable transport in Majorca

Palma de Mallorca, 20 September 2016.- Goldcar and Logitravel announce a partnership for sustainable mobility. With this agreement, Goldcar will support Logitravel through the sale of electric vehicles in Palma de Mallorca, where the headquarters of the online travel agency is based. The model Nissan Leaf, part of the Goldcar eco fleet, has been chosen for the development of this initiative.

For this task, both companies expressed their willingness to promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution through the promotion of such cars.

The aim of Goldcar with this initiative is to bring companies together tangibly in the tourism sector, a direct experience with the Goldcar Blue project. Thus, Logitravel can see first hand the advantages provided by electric technology for efficient driving.

"We believe that these initiatives are another step in our support for sustainable transport and allows us to enhance awareness of the importance of reducing the environmental impact on commuting," says Fernando Villar, Chief Digital Officer at Goldcar. We are aware that in this field it is important to have the commitment of the private sector, and partnerships like this help us spread the message and bring electric vehicles to the population".

The Goldcar Blue project is an indication of Goldcar´s commitment to sustainable mobility and to reducing air and noise pollution. Through this program the company has added electric eco-label vehicles to its fleet available in Mallorca and Barcelona, and hybrid and LPG in different parts of Spain, Portugal and Italy. The ultimate goal of the company is to expand knowledge about emission-free mobility, offering customers the chance to experience eco driving vehicles on their travels through the streets of different European cities while on holiday.


Goldcar the company has a network of over 80 offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Malta, Andorra, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Mexico, Romania and Cyprus. It has a staff of 1,000 employees managing a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles. Goldcar has worked to become a leading company in the holiday car hire market in Europe and is immersed in an ambitious international expansion project. More information https://www.goldcar.es/


Logitravel is an online travel agency specialising in holiday travel. Founded in 2004 and with a presence in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, UK, Brazil and Mexico, Logitravel has over 500 employees with extensive experience in the tourism sector. In 2015 Logitravel recorded a turnover of 563 million euros and more than four million passengers booked holidays with the online agency.



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