Goldcar Key'n'Go launches faster and innovative car delivery service in the hire car sector

Madrid, 17July 2016 - Goldcar, the market-leading holiday car hire company, reaffirms its commitment to innovation and new technologies with the introduction of new services aimed at improving the user experience. The company faces the key summer season offering its Key'n'Go service. A cutting-edge system in the car hire sector that allows customers who hirewith Goldcar to enjoy a swift and independent service when managing their car hire; bypassing the counter and completing the process in just one minute.

The incorporation of this technology, the new devices integrated to streamline customer service at our offices - as well as the progress made in the digital area with the launch of the new Goldcar App, form just part of the efforts employed by the company to offer an innovative service; an ethos that has led the company to invest more than two million Euros in 2016 in order to directly enhance excellence of service.

The digital transformation is a key part of Goldcar´s strategic plan, especially if you consider that 90% of their customers make their reservations online. According to Juan Carlos Azcona, CEO of Goldcar, "The Company has been working on digitising its business for many years in order to respond to the preferences of each particular traveller. That´s a customer profile accustomed to technology and demanding more and that is changing the structure of the tourism sector in general and in car hire in particular."

To meet this customer profile, Goldcar has focused its efforts on projects such as Key'n'Go; a smart key dispenser operating in different countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal in suchdestinations as Barcelona, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Alicante, Ibiza, Menorca, Malaga, Seville, Gerona, Murcia, Porto and Faro. Imminently they will launch the service in Palermo, Rome, Lisbon, Milan and Catania and they will add to the Goldcar map of offices where it´s possible to make use of this new and pioneering service in the sector.

By displaying a QR code at the reading machine, either on paper or via mobile phone, users automatically make acompletely self –service vehicle collection and return, therefore bypassing the office.

Service management system and an App with new features

Another objective is to increase Goldcar´s interaction with the traveller through mobile devices. To this end the company has focused its efforts on the relaunch of its mobile application;enhancing its capabilities and usability with the addition of new features that further simplify car hire management and electronic booking. Available in multiple languages, the App allows the user, in addition to reserving the vehicle or requesting an invoice, access to useful information related to the destination and also to contact the roadside assistanceservice. There is also real-time monitoring for the arrival time at the car hire office, or clients can even activate a tracking system to remind them where they have parked the car.

"Our intention is that the Goldcar App will add value for our customers´ car hire service, to help them have a more satisfying experience, and to offer help from the instant they begin the reservation process. It also makes recommendations on the destination they´ll be visiting and makes an appointment upon arrival in the office, or it can even connect with the emergency services, "said Juan Carlos Azcona.

Goldcar´s mobile application also allows the user to connect to the counter in their office and manage the arrival time; this technology significantly streamlines the delivery process of the vehicle. The service offers customers the ability to booktheir appointment at the same arrival time as their plane or train. Therefore the client directly controls the collection time and so it will be booked and ready for when they get to the office.

The company has also installed terminals in its network of offices -almost twenty devices at its main branches in Spain, Italy and Portugal to manage collection times -technology designed to more effectively coordinate with the clients’ needs, especially in key seasons such as summer when there is more flights arriving at the same time of day.

"The implementation of these technological solutions is a sign of Goldcar´s commitment to its customers. The car hire sector must constantly reinvent itself to meet the needs of a seasoned consumer; always evolving and changing. Therefore, our goal is to continue innovating new products and services that provide real value to the user and adapt to the travel experience that they desire", concluded Juan Carlos Azcona.



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