Parking tickets yes or no?

41 percent of traffic participants think of traffic fines as reasonable

Berlin, july 2016 – Speed limits, parking tickets and general traffic restrictions are common annoyances for traffic participants in Germany. Goldcar, the market-leading holiday car hire company, conducted a survey and asked traffic participants what they think of the strictness of traffic fines and their costs and what has to be done to increase traffic safety. The astonishing result was that most of the Germans (41.3%) thought that the costs of parking tickets and other fines are reasonable. Only every tenth (10.5%) thought that costs have to be reduced. Almost every third (29.2%) says that fines are not about safety, but more to collect money for the state coffers. Nevertheless, every fifth (19.2%) is convinced that the strictness of fines is overall reasonable and raises the traffic safety.

Driving bans alone are seemingly no solution…
But what would increase the traffic safety in the opinion of the traffic participants?

Interesting is that only 3 of 100 polled (2.9%) believe that restrictions such as fines or speed limits alone can’t bring more traffic safety. More than a third (40.7%), however, thinks that the traffic infrastructure, meaning streets, guidance systems and regulatory systems have to be improved in order to ensure a higher safety level on the streets. Almost as many (39.5%) think that a good mix of developed infrastructure, further training for drivers and lower restrictions are the right way. 16.9% of traffic participants think that especially further training could increase the safety on streets.



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