Goldcar strengthens its sustainable mobility initiative Goldcar Blue with the introduction of new hybrid and LPG vehicles

  • Users may choose from more than 200 green cars at new destinations in Spain, Portugal and Italy
  • Madrid, 12 July 2016 - Goldcar, the market leading company for holiday car hire reinforces its commitment to sustainable mobility, and reducing air and noise pollution, with the addition of new hybrid and LPG cars to its "eco" fleet; which already exceeds 200 vehicles. This initiative by the company for environment-friendly vehicles is part of our project Goldcar Blue, a targeted initiative contributing directly to progress in environmental matters.

    In addition to providing customers electric cars in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, Goldcar now extends its offer with new hybrid and LPG vehicles in other parts of Spain, Portugal and Italy, which will be joined by more locations in the future. In the case of Italy we highlight the progress made in favour of this initiative, especially with the addition of LPG cars in destinations such as, Treviso, Venice, Palermo, Catania, Rome, Turin and Bologna, among others.

    As explained by Juan Carlos Azcona, CEO of Goldcar, "the company's commitment to reduce the impact on the environment is clear and therefore we continue to focus our efforts on expanding the supply of green cars to the entire network of Goldcar offices. Our project Goldcar Blue grows and strengthens constantly to add new hybrid, LPG or electric models that will allow our customers to have access to a fleet of alternative vehicles with very low running costs; Also we´re helping to maintain cleaner and quieter cities.”

    Goldcar customers have the choice of hybrid car models such as the Toyota Prius or LPG, such as the Corsa, Golf, Meriva or Panda models, and experience their quiet, efficient driving while exploring the streets of various cities in Europe. In addition, as a special measure of support, Goldcar offers hire at a very competitive price, similar to the conventional fleet.

    Goldcar Blue is also a sign of the commitment of the company shares international knowledge such as that promoted by the United Nations Global Compact, in which the company takes an active part, and which includes among its fundamental principles the promoting of environmental responsibility. A work aimed at reducing emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere; promote measures to encourage energy conservation, sustainability and awareness among drivers of the benefits offered by these ecological vehicles.



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