Shared driving, absent when travelling as a couple

The distribution of time when it comes to driving on a trip as a couple is not fair. This is one of the main conclusions drawn from the latest survey carried out by the holiday vehicle rental company, Goldcar, among its users. The survey also reveals that the same person drives for 90% of the time.

As Juan Carlos Azcona, Goldcar´s CEO explains, “the co-pilot plays a key role during driving. For that reason, aware of the fact that that the usual travelling companion is a partner, we wanted to consult citizens from different European countries on different aspects of their relationship with their partners at the wheel. Based on the conclusions of this survey, from Goldcar we would like to invite drivers and co-pilots to cooperate when driving, foster road safety and create a relaxed atmosphere. Taking turns at driving, apart from making the journey more enjoyable, also prevents dangerous situations, such as feeling sleepy at the wheel.”

Despite an unfair distribution of driving, there appears to be greater cooperation when it comes to organising the journey and route, as well as loading luggage into the car. In the first case, 38% of those asked assured that both plan the trip together and 37% confirm that both take part in the arduous task of preparing the boot. However, it is also significant that, in both cases, half of those asked said they had no help at all.

Partners, worst rated in driving

On asking Goldcar customers what they find most annoying about the way their partner drives, 41% assure that it is how slow or other difficulties experienced when it comes to parking, followed by those who cannot stand their partner going over speed limits (26%) or putting the music on too loud (17%). However, using the phone (11%) and eating and drinking at the wheel (5%) are situations considered less annoying by respondents.

In any event, and according to the study, Goldcar customers highly rate their own driving at 9 as an average, as opposed to a 6 that they award their partner.

Love issues are rarely discussed with partner

The Goldcar study also reveals issues that are usually discussed with partners when driving. Almost 68% of those asked state that details relating to the places they are going to visit is the main theme of conversation, followed by 20% who say they prefer listening to music rather than chatting, probably to allow for concentration and to contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. When asked if they talk about problems they have as a couple or romantic matters, scarcely 7% in the first case and 5% in the second, claim to touch on these matters when accompanied by their partner at the wheel.

As regards whether Goldcar customers usually argue with their partner when driving, 36% admit to doing so, while 64% claim they do not. However, it is significant how 60% of respondents do claim to have more disagreements with their partners when travelling alone than when travelling with other family members or friends.



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