Goldcar reinforces its access for customer information on insurance cover, the "hot" topic of the car hire industry

One of the areas that generated most controversy and a large number of complaints and misunderstanding among clients of vehicle hire companies, far above all others, was the insurance cover of hired vehicles.

Aware of the situation, Goldcar, the leading holiday car hire company, has a commitment to seek continuous improvement to increase transparency on this matter. To this end, the company has an online support platform, where users can be fully informed of the types of cover that exist, their prices, and what each includes and excludes. The company has also developed a comprehensive range of videos, available both on its website and on its channel on YouTube, which explain simply, and in detail, the different cover options available.

States Safont Tonica, Director of Goldcar Human Resources and Customer Service, "Goldcar's commitment to its customers is to offer the best holiday car hire service at the best price. And that means that our users have flexible, effective and transparent attention. Insurance is one of the great battles for all companies working in this sector, generating the largest number of complaints by disgruntled users. At Goldcar we are strongly committed to transparency and deploy all the mechanisms that are at our disposal so that the user has all the information they might need and can opt for the type of cover that best suits them. ".

Different types of insurance for different needs

Goldcar offers its customers two types of insurance: the "Basic Cover” and "Super-Relax Cover". The latter is recommended by Goldcar, and each day it becomes more complete between clients from the company already offering maximum cover without any deposit. All that is excluded is negligence by drivers, rescues in unpaved areas, damage to the vehicle, extra cleaning on car interiors, costs and management of fines, errors in refuelling and wheel changes for a puncture.

Meanwhile, Goldcar "Basic" insurance cover includes compulsory insurance for vehicle occupants and liability cover but to be able to take the car, the user has to deposit an excess amount in case of damages to be refunded on the return the car in perfect condition. What would the retained excess apply to? damage to wheels, tyres, windows, underbody, mirrors, lost keys, taxi service, accidentrequiring a crane or battery recharge.

If the client hires and takes the cover directly with Goldcar, they will find all the information explained in detail both in the Goldcar online help centre -Help, and through you can ask via social networks or traditional channels of information. This very direct and transparent way of providing information to the user from Goldcar becomes more complex when rentals are made through intermediary companies, as outside companies apply their own information and terms and conditions.

When clients hire their vehicles through intermediaries rather than directly with Goldcar, that company will be benefiting from its own cover that is offered. In this case, being a service contract to a third party, Goldcar asks for the payment of a deposit and in the case where there was an incident during the holiday with the rented vehicle, the customer would have to reimburse Goldcar for the costs of damage and then recover the amounts paid through the intermediary or third party. "Such situations generate confusion among users, who attribute the costs and excess to the company renting the vehicle directly to them when it is not. To avoid this kind of situation we want to do everything possible so that the customer is informed of each of the features available for their car and then choose the option deemed most appropriate for their preferences, "says Safont.



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