Routes to savour in southern Europe

  • Goldcar has prepared a selection of driving routes through southern Europe to enjoy some truly unique dining experiences
  • Enjoy a tour of ancient cellars, taste the best dishes in Michelin starred restaurants, try a typical regional cheese or sample the best fish stews, these are just some of the dining experiences that make southern Europe a paradise for the senses. And all this with incredible scenery while discovering charming places.

    Goldcar, the market leader in holiday car hire, has developed a selection of dining experiences in France, Italy and Spain that can be accessed by road. Goldcar gives you the keys so you can discover for yourself.


    The Provence wineries Route

    Beyond the coast, the traditional tourist attraction of the area, travel the roads between Marseille and Nice and you´ll discover magical and unique environments. The route between Hyères and Saint-Tropez via Draguignan is a must and is especially noted for its subtlety, elegance and its unequalled global recognition for its Kennel vineyards with views of the wineries of Sainte-Marguerite, Minuty, Barbeyrolles or d'Esclans. A fantastic environment in which the travel experience culminates with the best wine experience. A must for wine and culture lovers.

    Michelin star cuisine in Bordeaux

    Located on the "Wine Route", less than an hour's drive from the city of Bordeaux is the restaurant Les Belles Perdix. Rewarded with a Michelin star, it flaunts its recognition thanks to the sophisticated cuisine of Chef David Charrier, who makes unique dishes using local produce.

    Besides exquisite cuisine you can enjoy in the region, especially in summer, you have a privileged outdoor setting overlooking the vineyards and the Dordogne Valley. An ideal destination at sunset when it becomes a unique performance of golden sparkles.


    Strawberry party in Nemi, a Roman town house

    In the province of Rome, near the lake that bears its name and surrounded by the Alban Mountains, lies the small town of Nemi. Famous for its wild strawberries; smaller but sweeter than any other variety of this fruit, Nemi is a prominent activist for the celebration of Sagra delle Fragole, held the every first Sunday in June. During the day, young people dress in traditional costume and offer the delicate fruit to tourists who also enjoy the celebration and kindness of the people of the town. In the town you can taste many dishes made with Strawberry in local restaurants.

    In Nemi you can also enjoy a cultural experience visiting the naval museum and the Castello Ruspoli, which dates from the 10th century.

    The Bitto centenary cheese of Valtellina, in the Lombardia region

    Valtellina is an Alpine valley where you can enjoy spectacular scenery. In addition to its wonderful location, it is known for its Bitto cheese which is noted for its unique, soft and sweet taste, thanks to an ancestral development whose recipe dates back to Celtic times.

    Currently the cheese with the Bitto Denomination of Origin is only produced in summer and only in the area of Gerola Alta, in the province of Sondrio, which is also the centre of Bitto, the only place able to guarantee the quality of this cheese and certify its legitimate origin.


    Calçots (onions) of Valls in Tarragona

    Between December and April, in the region of Alt Camp and its capital, Valls, there are calçots (onions) on view, a variety of sweet onion that is cooked on the grill and served with a sauce called salvitxada. The best thing about it, apart from its great taste: is eating it with your hands, diners are armed with a large special bib for the occasion. A really fun experience.

    A route through this region will allow you to enjoy the modernist art, nature and culture as well as the products of this area, as the onions of Valls, and spring onions and gatherings of family and friends to celebrate holidays and to share this delicacy.

    The aroma of the Basque ports

    The tour begins at the western end of the Biscay coast, Zierbena, where you can taste delicious grilled fish such as sardines, very typical of the town. Onn a route through the flavours of lmar in the Basque Country you must not miss the cod; the star product of the local cuisine. Or salted fish and other preserves. Especially recommended are those of the Basque town of Ondarra, the last stop on this route. And during the trip, we mustn´t forget to try the marmitako, a sailor stew par excellence; made mainly of potato and bonito fish which can be enjoyed all along the Basque coast. A travel experience in the beautiful green landscapes dotted with farmhouses is linked with the sea to allow you to savour one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world.



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