The best sunsets are in Southern Europe

Goldcar compiles a selection of the most delightful spots where you can gaze at spectacular sunsets

Admiring the colours at sundown is a relaxing romantic experience that Mother Nature selflessly offers us. There is no need to travel afar to exotic places such as Kenya, Burma or Egypt to be mesmerised by the best fiery skies. Southern Europe is full of delightful spots where you can enjoy such movie-scene sunsets, and so, Goldcar has put together a selection of the best spots from where you can gaze at the sunset and that are easily accessible by car from some of their offices.France, Italy and Spain are among the most outstanding destinations, but they are not the only ones!


Nightfall at the la Alhambra (Granada) from the San Nicolas viewpoint:

This setting offers us one of the most spectacular views there are in Spain, a place where you can behold the Alhambra palace of Granada in all its splendour. A delightful bustling viewpoint, where foreigners from wide and afar, hippies, flamenco singers, craft vendors and bohemians mingle amongst the sounds of clapping palms, guitars and laughter.

Nightfall to drumbeats in the Benirràs Cove (Ibiza):

On Sunday evenings, sunsets are accompanied by the vibrant improvised drumbeats played by several percussionists, creating a magical atmosphere. Craftsmen set up their stalls next to a quaint beach-bar and sell all kinds of manufactured items: bracelets, necklaces, fancy leather work, anklets…

Nightfall at Mount Tibidabo (Barcelona):

Can you imagine seeing off the day riding on a giant Ferris wheel in one of the world´s oldest fairgrounds? You can do just that at the fair located at the top of Mount Tibidabo; the oldest working fairground in Spain and the third oldest in Europe. The panaromic Ferris wheel is known as Giradabo and is located at the highest point, from where you can contemplate the sea and the best views of Barcelona city under the last rays of sunlight.


Nightfall amidst the wild natural setting of Cap Canaille in the Calanques National Park (Marseilles)

The “cabo canalla” (scoundrel cape) is the highest coastal Cliff in France and is found in the Clanques National Park, quite close to Marseilles and from where one can contemplate a stunning view of the sea and the wild and rugged coast of Calanques. The combination of the already impressive views with the golden and ochre colours of the sunset, reflected on the water, makes this an incredible experience.

Medieval nightfall in the village of Eze (Nice)

Eze is found at the top of a Cliff, at about 427 metres above sea-level. It is a medieval village, whose small buildings are made from stone. A large variety of craft shops line the narrow cobbled lanes.The key to contemplate the sunset is to climb up to the highest point in the village, where the ruins of an ancient castle stand; a very romantic spot!

Nightfall from the sands of Pilant dune (Bordeaux)

We can find the Pilant dune, the highest in Europe, just an hour´s drive away from Bordeaux. You can walk up to the top and enjoy the beautiful views of Cabo Ferret and the majestic pine forests that stretch along the coastline. To complete the stunning sunset we must not forget to take a towel, a pair of good sunglasses and a bottle of champagne to offer a toast in the twilight.


Nightfall on the Trapani salt flats (Sicily)

This Italian is one of the most interesting natural reserves in the country and, seeing the sunset among the canals and watermills, amidst a silence broken only by the calls of the birds that inhabit the marsh, is a priceless and more than recommendable experience.

Nightfall at Capo Caccia Bay (Sardinia)

The Capo Caccia marine area is famous for its limestone rocks, caves and small bays that can be reached by driving along a coastal road joining Alghero and Fertilia. An impressive natural landscape where tranquility reigns and the smells of saltpetre and wild flowers mingle together. This is a unique spot for taking in the sunset.

Nightfall at Grado lagoon (Venice)

Grado lagoon offers a colourful landscape where the reddish hues of the sunset merge with the green vegetation and the stunning blue shades of the Adriatic Sea. This is indeed a unique spectacle that delights all the senses.



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