7 tips for when travelling by car with children

Travelling by car with children and managing to relax can be mission impossible. It is easy to lose your temper with “How long to go?”, “Mummy, I’m bored!” or “Daddy, I feel sick!”, so Goldcar would like to offer users 7 tips to make trips more enjoyable and prevent parents from becoming stressed out and anxious.

1.Choose the departure time wisely and try to travel at night

Travelling at night is the best option since children will spend most of the journey sleeping, meaning there is no need to stop so often. In this case, children can wear their pyjamas, which apart from being more comfortable, means they can go straight to bed when they arrive at the destination. When travelling by day, it is best to adapt times to coincide with the times that the children would normally be sleeping.

2.Place all articles that children may need within easy reach

Children, especially younger ones, are unpredictable, so it is important to think about what they may need and make sure they are easily accessible; nappies, dummy, etc. It is also advisable to give them something to drink on a regular basis, so having water at hand is a must.

3.Make the most of family games and technology

Many cars now have a Wi-Fi connection incorporated but, remember that electronic devices are not the only solution. The best way to keep kids entertained is to play some kind of family game. Plus, it will develop their imagination! “I spy with my little eye” is a simple classic and even younger children can join in. “Word chains” is also a good option: A player says a word, the person on his/her left has to say another word that begins with the last letter or syllable of the previous word, for example: crocodile/elephant/tiger … The game ends when nobody can think of any words with the letter or syllable in question.

4.Plan the route beforehand to avoid making mistakes

It can be very stressful when travelling with children to go the wrong way. The best way to avoid this is to plan the route well in advance. GPS is becoming more and more used and car hire companies such as Goldcar offer them.As a last resort Google maps allows an appropriate route to be found, an investment in distance and time, and routes can be printed off.

5.Make regular stops to combat boredom

If a journey is anticipated to take longer than two hours, then several stops will have to be made depending on the total distance. It is not necessary to wait for children´s physiological needs; stretching their legs and running will cheer them up and ease their boredom. As a rule of thumb, at least 30 minutes needs to be added to each journey time to get a more realistic estimate of the arrival time.

6.Prepare a travel picnic to keephunger pangs at bay

Having a few nibbles can relieve boredom and raise spirits. If meal times coincide with the journey, it is advisable to take a decent picnic if you do not want to pay over the top at service stations. It is best to fill a bag with a variety of healthy snacks to nibble at and we should avoid messy foods that stain easily such as crisps or chocolate.

7.Keep an eye on safety systems and the temperature to ensure a more pleasant and comfortable journey

Regulating the temperature inside the vehicle and controlling child restraint systems is very important to guarantee the safety and comfort of little ones during the journey. Child restraint systems are compulsory in hire vehicles, so there is no excuse for not using them while on holiday. Remember that, in the event of an accident, their use reduces the risk of death by 75% and injury by 90%.



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