UK tourists receive most holiday driving offences

Goldcar, one of Europe’s leading car rental companies, has released data that reveals UK tourists account for the most driving offences that they processed last year. In 2014, Goldcar received over 48,000 fines in total and out of all customers excluding locals, UK tourists came out on top.

Speeding and illegal parking were the leading offences by British drivers, which were closely followed by ignoring street signs and driving in the incorrect lanes. Not far behind the Brits as high offenders were German drivers, and the lowest offending nation was Russia.

Goldcar also asked its UK customers what was the biggest problem on Spanish roads. Surprisingly, driving on a different side of the road wasn’t an issue, but the difference in signage compared to British roads came out on top at 20%.

Juan Carlos Azcona, Goldcar Rental´s managing director commented: “Whilst driving in Spain may be different, especially to our British customers, it’s very important to adhere to the speed limits to avoid any unexpected fines.”

When renting a car in another country, drivers are still liable for fines and top ways to avoid any incidents include:

  • Planning your journey ahead, that way you can check your route and avoid any road sign confusion.
  • If you’re unsure of a speed limit, try and stick to 40 km/h on single lane roads and 80 km/h on motorways.
  • Check parking signs thoroughly, as signage can be very different to UK roads and you can be caught out.



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