Goldcar opens the way to a Premium rental with Rhodium and embarks on a significant stage of expansion

Goldcar Rental, a leading Spanish company in the car rental market, is committed to the diversification of services through the Rhodium brand, that integrates its Premium proposal for the holiday rental market, and is embarking on a new stage of international growth, thereby expanding its already consolidated position on the Mediterranean arc through new markets.

Goldcar Rental, which started up in 1985, leads the holiday car rental sector in Spain, with a market share exceeding 20%. The diversification of services will allow Goldcar to reinforce its already established position in the Mediterranean and will be a key element for the success of the new stage of opening up new source markets such as the United States, Canada, South America, Asia and Australia. For that reason, the company has opened a sales channel made up of agencies, intermediaries and other stakeholders in value-added products in order to launch its new Premium line.

As Juan Carlos Azcona, Managing Director of Goldcar Rental explains,“being able to offer new customers our current European destinations is an exciting challenge. The huge possibilities for growth to be found in countries such as the United States or South America are key factors for our international expansion in the medium and long term and Rhodium is an essential element for its success”.

The business strategy deployed by Goldcar focuses on establishing the Rhodium brand through Goldcar sales channels, which will provide its Premium services. Therefore, as Azcona points out, “we are working on presenting the brand as a Premium option that addresses the specific needs of its respective travellers. The plan involves a comprehensive programme of agreements with agencies and other intermediaries, and will also give visibility to the brand and its proposals through the specific Rhodium webpage, adapted to each destination”.

A commitment to Premium services

The services provided by Rhodium are particularly aimed at a user who is looking for a plus in a holiday car rental at a competitive price. As well as the quality and constant renewal of the fleet, which are distinct features of Goldcar, Rhodium marks the difference by putting the “All Inclusive” option on the market, since a rental through Rhodium implies special services such as a fuel tank on a full/full basis, priority attention at reception and vehicle delivery in the whole network of Goldcar offices.

Rhodium also offers travellers a host of new opportunities, particularly for those who opt for going overseas or on long trips, by putting vehicles with a comfort plus at their disposal, more spacious, with greater boot capacity for suitcases or fitted with special features, such as, among others, automatic driving, a preferred choice for a growing number of users.



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