Landscapes and natural beauty, main attractions in Mallorca for German tourists

Madrid, 9th June 2017.- The landscape and natural beauty of Mallorca are the main attractions for the German tourist. This is one of the conclusions of a recent survey conducted by the car hire company, Goldcar, among its German users. 50% of respondents place these criteria above such others as climate (36%), leisure (7%), price (4%) or language (1%).

With respect to how they value driving on the island and the rules of circulation, a large majority (90%) consider them good and orderly, compared to a distant 8% of those who find them complex, while only 2% prefer not to drive when travelling in other countries.

"The German community is key to Mallorca and, thanks to this survey; we have been able to discover their preferences and tastes in relation to different aspects that are fundamental to tourism and their stay on the island. With this survey we can see a very positive perception regarding driving and traffic regulations, which is beneficial for the car hire sector in the area".

More means of transport, as well as cultural and leisure plans

As for the aspects that are most missed by Germans, more than half of the respondents (51%) would like the island's transport network to be broader, as it is in their country, and 28% would bring in cultural and leisure plans to make the island more attractive.

The Goldcar survey also reveals other interesting facts such as which are the most valued qualities for Majorcans. Almost half of the people asked (43%) emphasised kindness, followed by closeness (41%), joy (8%) or respect (4%). In addition, it should be noted that the majority of the respondents (65%) score between five and eight services on the island as good or notable, followed by a 34% who value them as outstanding

And note that 70% of respondents would choose Mallorca as a destination to stay for a long holiday.



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