Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Granada, among the five cities that impose the most drivers’ fines

According to statistical data from Goldcar, the market leader in car hire, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Granada are the Spanish cities that fined the highest number of hire car drivers during 2016. These results were collected on the basis of analysing 19,675 sanctions filed by the Spanish municipalities to vehicles hired from Goldcar in the last year.

Of the total number of sanctions issued by the Spanish authorities, 19% were from Palma de Mallorca, 18% from Madrid and 10% from Granada. Barcelona and Ibiza complete the ranking of the cities fining the most drivers, with 7% and 3% respectively.

Total number of fines in the 13 countries where Goldcar is present

During the period under review, Goldcar handled a total of 102,128 fines in the different countries in which it is present - Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Malta, Andorra, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Romania and Cyprus - processed by different agencies and representing 47% of the drivers (47,659) in their country.

Of these penalties, 35% are related to speeding, 31% to restricted traffic or bus lanes, 18% to bad parking, and 3% to non-compliance with traffic signals. According to Goldcar's analysis, only one driver was sanctioned for the effects of drugs, while another three were fined for reckless driving.

As for the nationality of offenders, Spanish customers of Goldcar have the highest number of penalties, 16% of the total fines processed by the company during 2016. These are followed by British drivers (11%), Italian (10%), French (9%), German (8%), Portuguese (4%), Dutch (4.5%) and Russian (3%). The other 3% of foreign drivers who rented a car with Goldcar and were fined were Belgian, Swedish, American, Brazilian, Danish or Polish travellers.



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