Tridimensional art exhibition at 'Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso'

Fashion Art Havana Exhibition opens its doors, January 31st 2017. An ambitious project, from Spanish designer Manuel Fernandez, through his Fashion Art Institute, opens to the public and Goldcar, internationally renowned marker leader in car hire, also participates in the Fashion Art exhibition.

This show blends two forms of expression, a fusion between art and fashion and thirty prestigious artists will be taking part in this amazing cultural initiative that brings together such names as Manuel Mendive, Juan Carlos Balseiro, Rancaño, Jorge Perrugoria, Rafael Canogar, Ouka Leele, amongst others.

A new creative movement that blends innovative art expressions.

The collection will be shown from January 31st and will be open to the public until February 11th, 2017.

Fashion Art Havana Exhibition allows appreciation of art and fashion blended together in the form of dress.

Workshops, with social initiatives, go hand in hand with this Fashion Art Exhibition. A mixture of artistic creation, paint and design. A unique experience that inspires participation in minority arts giving them tools and knowledge with the purpose of integration.

*Galería Orígenes Gran Teatro de la Habana Alicia Alonso, director Miriam P. Casanellas, specialist Ariadna Cabrera, curator Juan Carlos Moya and set-up Carlos Montané.


Fashion Art suggests a joint venture between fabricated arts and fashion design, two languages articulating and blending to create a dress that is a work of art.

Designer Manuel Fernandez, aiming for an international market, decided to blend art and fashion in 1998 with prestigious artists working together on a single item.

From that moment on, Fashion Art has grown through the years to be a cohesive artistic movement, resulting in exceptional creative richness and the opening of doors to innovating fields. Through his social work with the Fashion Art Institute, workshops have formed to include minority creative styles and are always are part of these exhibitions.

Fashion Art has had exhibits in over twenty prestigious museums from all over the world. Various prominent touring shows in America have been visited by over 3 million people.



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