Asturias, Galicia and the Basque Country, the favourite destinations of Spaniards to escape for a weekend

Madrid, January 30, 2017. The majority of Spaniards (61%) travel an average of three times a year at the weekends and 80% admit to having done it less than six months ago. This is one of the main conclusions of a recent survey conducted among its users by car hire company, Goldcar. Data shows that weekend getaways, which replaced holidays during the crisis as a way to save, have established themselves as a leisure trend.

Among the preferences of Spanish travellers, cultural tourism in Spain (34%) stands out when enjoying these types of short breaks, unlike the French, Italians and Germans who prefer traveling abroad and getting to know other countries. International tourism is the next most popular (26%), as well as other classic destinations such as the coast (24%) or the mountains (14%).

"Now that the holidays are over and with the mind set on the next break, it is interesting to know how the Spaniards take advantage of the weekends to get away, “explained Juan Carlos Azcona, CEO of Goldcar. "Initiatives like this survey help us better understand users' preferences when choosing between one destination or another and we can adapt our vehicle hire to meet the demand. We see a positive trend towards national tourism, which is beneficial for all agents of the tourism industry in our country."

Relaxation and disconnecting from routine is the main reason why Spanish respondents decided to take a weekend trip (36%), although many are attracted to the possibility of cultural tourism (22%), visiting crowded places or history, museums and monuments. Romantic breaks also receive significant support (19%), even higher than family travel (15%). In the last place came the gastronomic routes (8%).

The Goldcar survey also reveals favourite European destinations to explore during these mini-breaks. Internationally, Paris, London, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam and Berlin are considered the most interesting and vibrant cities for a weekend getaway. Nationally, travellers prefer northern Spain, Asturias, and Galicia with the Basque Country being the favourite region to enjoy the best routes and plans during a weekend.

40% of Spaniards surveyed are slowed down by work or studying, although money (28%) and family obligations (26%) are also factors that prevent them from enjoying breaks.



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