Key points and interesting reflections on Tourism+ Forum sponsored by Goldcar in Mallorca

With the summer season 2016 just ended, specialists from the tourism industry gathered in Mallorca to analyse and share the characteristics while looking at the new challenges that the activity is facing; a big attraction to visitors, as is the island. Politicians, hoteliers, representatives of the transport sector as well as marketing experts and lecturers spoke at the Tourism+ forum organised by the Diario de Mallorca and sponsored by Goldcar.

The event was attended by some of the leading figures of the different tourism subsectors such as the Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló i Milta; Monti Galmés (CEO of Robinson Club in Spain and Portugal); Pilar Carbonell (Director General of Tourism of the Balearic Islands), Jose Antonio Alvarez (Director of the Palma de Mallorca Airport) and Antoni Riera (Director of the Impulsa Foundation), amongst others.
Turning to the seasonal adjustment

Around the table were many interesting figures and approaches, including the controversial idea that, "saturation has occurred this summer in the islands," which experts say has become a general feeling. And, evidence shows that growth in the number of visitors during the key months of July and August was the lowest of the year, while the largest of the increases have been recorded during the months of low and mid season. A trend that should be taken into account, as it shows a positive move towards the claimed seasonalisation of tourism.

The director of the airport of Palma, Jose Antonio Alvarez, provided some data that supported this thesis as fact, in that the number of passengers has increased this year by 10%, but it "was August when this upturn has been weaker, with 5% growth." The difference, he said, is related to the aforementioned seasonal adjustment: "Four years ago, the airport of Son Sant Joan only reached three million travellers for two months a year, while in 2016 it has reached that figure in June, July, August and September. In May it reached 2.9 million, and in October it will be very close with 2.7 million. that is, to say that in six months the number of passengers has increased at levels previously only seen in two month periods.



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