A grandmother, two babies and a prosthetic leg ...

The end of the holiday is, without a doubt, an unappealing moment. Thinking about the imminent return to routine can even be traumatic, something that could explain the curious ranking by Goldcar, a leader in the market for vacation rental car, of the most striking oversights in car hire by its clients.

Recent experiences in Goldcar shows absent mindedness ranging from common objects such as key fobs, with their respective keys, electronic devices or clothing, to really improbable situations, like last summer when there occurred in one of the offices Goldcar in Seville when the company staff discovered that a family had forgotten their grandmother who was inside the vehicle. There have also been oversights that bear difficult to understand including, on two occasions, two separate babies in pushchairs left in the car.

As Tonica Safont, director of HR and Goldcar Service Customer explains, " incredible situations such as this are very rare but have occurred; but always with a happy ending and soon minutes after they have happened. The rush to catch your flight or your train is usually the main reason for some oversights that although strange, are part of the large collection of Goldcar anecdotes. We have a network of over 80 offices throughout the Mediterranean from where we manage a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles so we face all kinds of situations almost every day. "

Which also it includes a collection of anecdotes and curious situations, including some recent, including one by a client who forgot his leg brace; or a box of bullets found by Goldcar maintenance personnel when cleaning a vehicle. Crutches, an active police badge, disguises, false teeth, a katana, or full luggage perfectly organised in the boot are just some examples of absent mindedness by Goldcar clients who have left or forgotten items in cars they have hired for their holiday..

"Sometimes,” explains Safont, “the surprising thing is not just that it is forgotten but what it is that has been left behind. We have had some really strange situations." Some examples include: a dozen eggs, whose owners were called to arrange what to do with the cargo. "Something similar happened with bikini we found between the seats of one of our vehicles. Its owner, insistently called us to check the condition of it and arrange immediate recovery," he said.



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