Top destinations to escape on holiday

Tell me where you are from and we'll tell you what your holiday destination should be. At Goldcar we wanted to know more about the preferences of travellers, who hired a car with our company, via a survey conducted amongst some of our customers from England, Germany, France and Italy.

The desire to know new countries is clear in the responses from everyone and even if short on time, heading to a foreign country is the option most opted for by the vast majority. For the English, their favourite choice is to pack and escape for a few days to Madrid, Rome or Lisbon, the three most named capitals by the respondents from the survey.

In the case of the Italian participants, their three top destinations would be London, Prague and Paris. Madrid, Rome and Barcelona would form the list of German participants and in the case of French respondents their choice was Lisbon, Rome and Madrid.

Across the nationalities, the majority of participants make sure that they travel at least three weekends a year: 64% English, Italian (58%), German (70%) and French (58%).

Work or studies are the main reasons for not travelling. For English participants (41%) work is the main reason for not being able to travel for a weekend, followed by family reasons (32%) and finally money at 15%.

For Italians the results vary slightly with 52% of responses blaming work, 22% state that their main limitation is money and 21% have upset their plans for family reasons.

Responses from German participants gave the highest score for work as the main reason to not be able to travel (54%), second came family circumstances and obligations (29%) and 13% economic causes.

Among the responses of French clients 44% name work, 24% money and 23% family obligations.

Relax, culture or pure romanticism. The main reasons to travel

Another of the questions asked was centred on the type of trip they choose for their short breaks. For the English, relaxation is the best justification for making a trip of this type with 59% of the respondents in favour, followed by cultural trips and family getaways with 14% and 13% respectively.

Italian respondents opt for relaxation getaways (37%); 25% for family type trips and 22% for cultural outings. The Germans give an even greater preference for relaxation (62%), followed by family trips (18%) and 12% cultural curiosity.

And finally, in this list of reasons to travel, the French travel for relaxation (56%), 18% prefer family travel and 12% choose to escape to other destinations to enjoy a romantic getaway.



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