Goldcar investment for cycling

Our Goldcar Sport Bike team

Goldcar bet for cycling comes again this year in the form of Goldcar Sport Bike equipment. A group of racers representing the investment and the commitment of the company to keep adding kilometres to help the sport.

Team members participate in different national and international competitions and are also the best standard bearers for the actions taken by Goldcar for further progress in road safety.

Mallorca 312 Cicloturista Ride

Cycling has been marked as one of the sports in which Goldcar has focused its efforts. The dissemination of the benefits of this sport and the commitment to good practices to promote coexistence between cyclists and drivers has been and will remain our challenge for the second consecutive year we have been represented in the Mallorca 312, this time the seventh edition.

Through this sponsorship we support the 4,400 athletes who have gathered for this bike ride on the island for another year.

Tour of Andalucía. 62nd Ruta del Sol

2016 is linked to Goldcar cycling and so we set sail for Andalusia to participate in the 62nd edition of the Tour of Andalucía. An place with tradition and standing within the circuits of this sport, known as the Ruta del Sol, where we have experienced five unique stages.


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