Goldcar Cycling Manifesto. Improving road coexistence

Committed to safety on the roads, at Goldcar we wanted to go a step further in doing our part to improve coexistence between cyclists and drivers. In 2016 we implement our Goldcar Cyclist Manifesto, a commitment to safety drawn from the recommendations of different groups, associations and professional cyclists to promote this sport with the safety in mind.

Improving road coexistence

The initiative is a meeting point for all those who enjoy both driving their vehicles and riding a bicycle. The Manifesto seeks to promote adherence to a code of respect and good practice to help reduce accidents on national and international roads.

It is a number of key points for drivers and cyclists to travel in a responsible manner, applying those various recommendations and safety measures related to speed and overtaking or signalling for certain manoeuvres.

If you want to know more about this initiative Join the Goldcar Cyclist Manifesto and enjoy the various activities throughout this year that will bring to life this exciting project.


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